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Like a Local

Explore Croatia

Know-how about Croatian and Montenegrin destinations simply makes a difference. We live
your vacation, so please let us add some local flavor. From in depth analysis of the most
popular places to discovering hidden gems of Croatian coast we can be a truthful partner in
your summer vacations and make detailed itineraries for your dream cruise

Explore Split, The Craziest City In the Whole World

The city of Split has in the past few years from the transit city where guests have only been passing through until catching a ferry to the middle Dalmatian islands developed into hit destination with tourist traffic growing at annual rate of more than ten percent...

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Split port and city aerial view, drone shot

7 Days Exploring the Islands of Zadar Archipelago

Zadar is one of those rare cities woven together from endless interesting points and corners. Protected by the mighty Velebit mountain and nurtured by the fertile Ravni Kotari from the north, it opens and spills into islands dotting the sea on the south. If you...

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Discover Dubrovnik, The Famous King’s Landing

Dubrovnik is a rare example of natural beauty, spiritual greatness and immense human power. If you visit Dubrovnik you will feel the palm of the saint protector holding the town, the beauty offered to the world, willing to accept a well-meaning hand with a streak...

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Dubrovnik town aerial view, red roofs